Governance in Inclusive Education (GovInEd).

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Evaluation of the ACTUA-Women with mental health problems programme.

Fostering social inclusion for all through artistic education by developing support for students with disabilities. (INART-dis).

StepForME – Steps Forward to Meaningful Employment of young people with emotional well-being problems after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Diagnosis in the field of active aging in the municipality of Vilassar de Mar.

White Book of Employment and Disability.

Improvement of the quality of life of elders in El Roure.

Book on the Training Of Employment and Work of People with Disabilities and Special Difficulties in the Special Employment Centres of Catalonia.

Classroom support staff for secondary education.

Promoting inclusive education through curriculum development and teacher education in China (INCLUTE).

El profesorado de apoyo en el aula ordinaria en educación secundaria.

Mejora de la calidad de vida de las personas mayores del centro El Roure.

Proyectos finalizados.

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