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Welcome to our blog

Our commitment is to become a reference for the study of inclusive processes in order to improve the quality of life for all people.

The exclusion-inclusion binomial is a process that is still very much alive in today’s world and it is shaped through the development of educational, cultural, labor and social contexts in an interdependent way. It is a complex process that requires examination in order to respond to a society that demands more inclusion. For this reason, through CERSIN, we intend to address inclusive processes from the perspective of many different disciplines (education, psychology, law, sociology, technology, communication, etc.) in order to activate broad and diverse research lines that focus on this field of study. Our intention is to create synergies and enrich each of the disciplines mentioned above in order to make inclusion a reality. The starting point is indeed promising. CERSIN aims to respond to the social, labor, cultural and educational needs of people, while applying the central principles of social justice, and thus activate mechanisms to generate these synergies within our social fabric and in the area of competitive research.

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